There are many different ways that our bodies experience aging. We are made up of many cells which also have their time to age. And we do not recognize cellular aging because we cannot see what is happening at the cellular level. For the most part, we cannot detect it. Symptoms of cellular aging cannot be seen.

How can we tell that cellular aging is happening to our bodies.

Free radicals come from the fat reserved in our bodies. And this happens when the body goes through the process of chemical oxidation. Free radicals are just simple electrons that do not follow the normal pattern. These free radicals disturb cellular and DNA functions since they snatch one electron from a pair and pair up with them.

When cells no longer function properly, then it causes illness in the body like cancer. But it is your skin that shows the evidence of cell aging. You can know that cell aging has occurred in your body when your skin begins to look dull, flaky, and without life.

Here are some tips that can help you improve cellular health.

Antioxidants is the best way to fight cellular aging. Cellular oxidation which releases free radicals in the body is prevents by these molecules or antioxidants. When free radicals cause damages in the cells, these molecules or antioxidants are there to repair these damages.

An abundance of antioxidants can be found in natural sources like fruits and vegetables and this will have increased their presence in your body. There are many kinds of fruits that contain vitamins which work as antioxidants. You can find these antioxidants in citrus fruits like kiwi, Asian pears, oranges and apples. Strawberries and blueberries are likewise rich in antioxidants.

There are now supplements you can buy that are antioxidants. if you take grape seed extract you can actually fight free radicals with the antioxidants that it contains. This results in having young looking skin for a long time. Taking this supplement daily can help improve cellular health.

There are topical treatments that can prevent the aging of your skin. You can find anti-aging moisturizes the prevents the loss of hyaluronic acid due to the type of sea kelp that it contains.  Skin tissues, collagen, and cells are moisturized by this acid. Another topical treatment contains anitoxidants whose molecular structures are smaller and can go deep into the skin,

Feeling stressed most of the time is not really good. The reason for this is that stress encourages the oxidation process of the body.

The functions of your cellular system can be normalized by exercising daily. Exercise can help relieve stress which an prevent the oxidation process to occur. You can read more here about how ASEA water could benefit your  cellular health.

Getting enough sleep is important. There is repairs that are being done in your body when you are asleep. Repair will be done to your damaged cells and skin tissues. Your dying body functions can be revived with enough sleep.